Ep. 01-28: Splinter (2008)

Episode 1-28 Splinter

When their plans for camping go awry, Polly and Seth decide to check into a motel. On the way, they’re carjacked by low-rent criminals, Dennis and Lacey. Their vehicle hits a strange animal in the road resulting in a flat tire that must be changed. Eventually, they arrive at a small, isolated gas station where they encounter a terrifying, but primitive parasite. To survive, they must join forces to outsmart and defeat the deadly organism.

For our final episode of season 1, we continue with the trapped and isolated theme that has permeated our podcast since starting (The Thing, Night of the Living Dead, Alien…). Splinter is what some would call a popcorn movie, what I would call a fantastic B-movie, and what David would call aggravating. Join us as we discuss the key elements that make Splinter B-movie gold. Listen… to Johnny has the Keys and discover that Mommy and Daddy don’t always agree.

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Ep. 01-27: Sunshine (2007)

Earth’s sun is dying and the end for humanity is near. In a last-chance effort to save the planet, a crew of eight men and women venture into space with a device that could reignite the star. However, a distress beacon from a long-lost spaceship triggers a chain of events that throws the crew and its desperate mission into a tailspin.

Danny Boyle’s Sunshine is a visual stunner. It’s not a perfect film but features a fantastic cast, many of which have gone on to higher levels of stardom since. Join us as we discuss the film, its peaks, its flaws, and the many “key” elements from past Sci-fi cinema from which it was clearly influenced. Listen… as Johnny Has the Keys journeys on the ill-fated Icarus II and its noble but dangerous mission, into the depths of space to save the sun and thus humanity.

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Ep. 01-26: Let the Right One In (2008)

Episode 26 “Let The Right One In”

Oskar is a bullied 12-year-old boy living with his mother in suburban Sweden. When he meets his new neighbor, the mysterious Eli, they become friends. Oskar and Eli develop a close bond, but soon it becomes apparent that she is no ordinary young girl. As their relationship develops, Eli shares her dark, macabre secret with Oskar, also revealing her connection to a string of bloody local murders.

Let the Right One In is a subtle, smart and evocative film, featuring visuals that will stay with you long after the movie has ended. It also belongs to a popular sub-genre of horror that we couldn’t let our first season pass without touching upon (not to mention our first foreign film!). Join us as we discuss the “key” elements that make this movie a worthy addition to the pantheon of hallowed horror. Listen… as Johnny Has the Keys takes you across the pond to a wintery land where lore meets the modern world and the pure white snow is often tarnished red.

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Ep. 01-25: Frankenstein (1931)

An obsessed scientist, Dr. Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive), attempts to create life by assembling a creature from the body parts of the recently deceased. Aided by his loyal assistant, Fritz (Dwight Frye), Frankenstein succeeds in animating his creation (Boris Karloff). But the creature is confused and traumatized, escaping to the countryside where it wreaks havoc. Henry Frankenstein searches for and eventually confronts his tormented creation.

Frankenstein (1931) stands tall, a monolith in the canon of horror film history. Evidence of the paradigm–largely contributed to the iconic makeup of Jack Pierce–is still relevant today, almost 90 years since the film was produced. Join us as we discuss what magical elements brought this mammoth film to life–the 19th-century novel, the stage adaptions, cast, director, makeup… Listen, as Johnny has The Keys travels to the Bavarian countryside, where mad scientists rob graves, piece body parts together, and create life from death.

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