Who is JOHNNY?

Well, we already told you that Tim was forced to watch scary movies while still in the single digits. He has also read Fangoria magazine regularly since 1982, and his first short story sale was to an anthology edited by Peter Straub. His community theatre background led to being cast as an extra in various films of such magnitude as King Kong Lives! (OK, the film sucked, but he did get to meet Linda Hamilton—and that counts).
David Horton has been obsessed with science fiction since Captain Kirk was banging green belly-dancers. In the early 1980s, David was also recruited for production and effects assistance on a small movie directed by a very young Sam Raimi. The film was the original Evil Dead, where he was on set often and credited as a “Fake Shemp” (what the hell is that anyway?). The movie was filmed in his hometown of Morristown, Tennessee circa 1980. Don’t believe… check this out:
The two of them together have written and starred in a plethora of awful homemade moves, a handful of good ones, and maybe a classic or two (by their standards). For a brief time, they even wrote for WETO’s truly terrible Saturday Night Frights with Dungeon Doug, Momar Cadaver, and Vampy Belle. Tim even guest starred once as Freddy Kruger. Don’t believe… then watch right here:
Freddy’s Frights!
Don’t say we didn’t warn you.