Ep. 01-28: Splinter (2008)

Episode 1-28 Splinter

When their plans for camping go awry, Polly and Seth decide to check into a motel. On the way, they’re carjacked by low-rent criminals, Dennis and Lacey. Their vehicle hits a strange animal in the road resulting in a flat tire that must be changed. Eventually, they arrive at a small, isolated gas station where they encounter a terrifying, but primitive parasite. To survive, they must join forces to outsmart and defeat the deadly organism.

For our final episode of season 1, we continue with the trapped and isolated theme that has permeated our podcast since starting (The Thing, Night of the Living Dead, Alien…). Splinter is what some would call a popcorn movie, what I would call a fantastic B-movie, and what David would call aggravating. Join us as we discuss the key elements that make Splinter B-movie gold. Listen… to Johnny has the Keys and discover that Mommy and Daddy don’t always agree.


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