JOHNNY HAS THE KEYS is a Horror and Science Fiction podcast, deciphering inspirations, influences, and parallels within the genre. It is the indulgence of life-long friends, DAVID HORTON and TIM SMITH, and it presented via the magic of podcasting with their enthusiastic –albeit sometimes, sarcastic and profane—commentary. If you’re seeking geeked-out wisdom for all things creepy and spacey, then you have stumbled upon the right show. Uncles Tim and David are prepared to escort you through the long corridors of ghastly themes and speculative similarities. Whether you seek enlightenment, laughter, or explosive tirades of nerdy knowledge, these boys are well-acquainted with horror and Sci-Fi’s many doors.

…and they’re more than willing to share the keys.

Why the Name?

So maybe you’re thinking why JOHNNY HAS THE KEYS… For those of you that don’t know, “Johnny has the keys” is a line the character Barbara speaks in the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. You see, she’s seen her brother, Johnny, murdered by a zombie in the cemetery at the beginning of the film, and she’s pretty much bonkers as a result, spouting bizarre and often hilarious declarations to the people hiding in a nearby farmhouse with her.  Later, when asked if she has a car, she says that she does but they’re not going to be able to start it because “Johnny has the keys.” They pretty much dismiss it as another of her crazy ramblings. It’s funny… but insightful.

We hope you’ll find our crazy ramblings are as well.

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