Ep. 03-30: Basket Case (1982)

Duane Bradley takes a motel room in New York with what looks to be a picnic basket. Soon, we learn the basket contains his surgically removed (and telepathically connected) Siamese twin, Belial. The brothers are on a murderous quest to kill the doctors that separated them against their will. But in one of those doctors’ offices, Duane gets his first-ever date with the receptionist, Sharon, and gets a taste of life without Belial. When the Belial discovers what is going on with Duane and Sharon, he escapes, and the tragic finale unfolds.

Episode 30

Basket Case (1982) is one of those rare gems of a truly terrible, low-budget ($35K) indie that lives on as a classic in the canon of horror movies. The acting is terrible, the logic absent, and it is nothing short of guerilla film-making on the streets of 1980s New York. But the story has heart, and those who have seen it will never forget it. Join us as we discuss our history with the film and its lasting impact on us. Listen, as Johnny Has the Keys journeys back to the seedy New York of yore, where a boy and his brother seek poetic vengeance on the adults who wronged them.


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Ep. 01-12: Hill House “The Twin Thing”

Episode 12 The Haunting of Hill House Ep. 4 “The Twin Thing”

HILL HOUSE Ep. 4 – In this, the fourth installment of our deep-dive into the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, we explore the character of Luke. What secrets are buried in his childhood that hint at the modern man he has become? Why does Hill House forever loom in his memories, influencing his actions today? Join us as we discuss the fourth of the five Crain children and the mystery Hill House played in his past.

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