Ep. 01-14: Alien (1979)

Episode 14 ALIEN

ALIEN – In 1979, Ridley Scott directed what would be a game-changer as far as modern science fiction films. Alien may have not been the first horror/sci-fi hybrid, but it was definitely the paradigm for future films attempting to juggle the genres. What happens when you take a small, blue-collar crew into the depths of the unknown? Movie magic, pure and simple. The Nostromo, a US cargo ship is transformed into a haunted house in outer space, it’s amiable crew picked off one-by-one by a creature like nothing we have ever encountered, armed with mutating defense mechanisms, making it seemingly impossible to destroy. They’re alone, and not all of the crew are what they appear to be. And as their numbers dwindle, the famous tagline resonates…

In space, no one can hear you scream.

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