Ep. 01-23: The Evil Dead (1981)

Episode 23 “The Evil Dead”

In 1981, a little horror movie with a big bite was unleashed upon the world. Stephen King quickly cited the film as “the most ferociously original horror movie of the year,” and this cheap little indie grew to massive cult status, paving the way for many careers including Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. What is it about this cheap gore-fest–a movie that helped ignite the video-nasty scandal of the 1980s–that still resonates with ravenous horror hounds of today?

This is also a personal film for David and me in that it was made in our hometown of Morristown, Tennessee. It was filmed on our friend, Wynn’s property, and David and he actually worked on the production, credited as “Fake Shemps.” Join us as we discuss our memories from the set and the premiere. Listen, as Johnny Has the Keys takes you back in time to a tiny cabin in the Tennessee woods and the demonic forces summoned from the pages of an ancient tome, transforming those who possess it into The Evil Dead.


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