Ep. 01-21: Arrival (2016)

Episode 21 – “The Arrival”

In Arrival (2016), a linguistics professor, Louise Banks (Amy Adams), leads a team of investigators when gigantic spacecraft touch-down in locations around the world. As nations near conflict, Banks and her crew race against time, attempting to communicate with the extraterrestrial visitors. Though her choice, in the end, may threaten her life, ultimately it could save all of mankind.

The mistake most people make is that science fiction is not really about cool gadgets, aliens, and space travel… it’s about us (hint, hint–all genres are). Join David and Tim as they discuss this concept as well as an abundance of key elements that this marvelous film was inspired by. Make no mistake, there are spaceships and extraterrestrials… but this film goes a little deeper exploring what makes us human. Listen… as Johnny Has the Keys journies into their first foray of cerebral science fiction.


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