Ep. 01-09: Hill House “Steven Sees a Ghost”

Ep 9 – Haunting of Hill House Episode 1

HILL HOUSE Ep. 1 – In 1959, Shirley Jackson published The Haunting of Hill House, which is considered one of the best literary ghost stories of the 20th century. Had she not died young, she would have lived to see its influence still lives today, inspiring a plethora of novelists (Stephen King included) as well as 2 movies–The Haunting (1963) and (1999)–and now the critically-acclaimed Netflix series adaption The Haunting of Hill House. Join us as we plunge into the 10-part Netflix series, examining just why this tale is so enduring and what it takes to create something that continues to nurture and inspire artists today. Take our hand as we enter the house where silence lays steadily, and whatever walks there… walks alone.

In this, the first installment of our deep-dive into the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, we explore the character of Steven. What secrets are buried in his childhood that hint at the modern man he has become? Why does Hill House forever loom in his memories, influencing his actions today? Join us as we discuss the firstborn of the five Crain children and the mystery Hill House played in his past.

Time Travel note: this episode was recorded late last year and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is actually opening in August 2019.


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