Stranger Things Special

Bonus – Stranger Things

A few years ago, Netflix created a pop culture phenomenon that has now, as of this last season, become their most successful original show to date. Stranger Things season 3 debuted on July 4th this year and has flayed any other summer television competition. What makes this show so resonant with viewers? Why is it that the pull of 1985’s nostalgia draws even non-genre fans… especially to a show that is filled with monsters, murder, and mad scientists? Join David and Tim for a Johnny Has the Keys Special Episode discussing the lure of memory lane and this welcome the addition to the canon of genre television. Listen… as we merely brush the surface of a treasure trove of keys that all fit the magical door to Stranger Things.

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Ep. 01-08: Halloween (1978)

Episode 8 “Halloween”

HALLOWEEN (1978) – Once upon a time, John Carpenter directed a low-budget horror movie that has grown not only to be a classic, but also to become one of the most influential horror films of all time. Join us as we discuss the origins and history of the film as well as the many aspects and attributes that make it such a beloved classic… the cast, the crew, the music and that iconic mask that lives on. We’ll take you back to the beginning, to HALLOWEEN’S humble origins and the talented collective that created such an iconic and memorable film. Journey back with us to Haddonfield… on the night he came home.

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Ep. 01-02: The Thing (1982)

Ep 01-01 “The Thing”

THE THING (1982) – In this episode, we take on John Carpenter’s Science Fiction/Horror classic… originally panned by critics, this film has grown to be a monument in the canon of SF cinema. We talk about the reason behind this, from its gestation as a short story by Campbell to its multiple interpretations on the screen. Below are links referenced in the episode, as well as a final (post-podcast) link to a newly discovered unpublished, novel-length version by Campbell.

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