Ep. 06-11: Westworld (1973)

Westworld is a futuristic theme park where paying guests can pretend to be gunslingers in an artificial Wild West populated by androids. After paying a sizable entrance fee, Blane (James Brolin) and Martin (Richard Benjamin) are determined to unwind by hitting the saloons, and brothels, and shooting their guns. But when the system goes haywire and Blane is killed in a duel with a robotic gunslinger (Yul Brynner), Martin’s escapist fantasy suddenly takes on a grim reality.

Westworld (1973) may not be scary by today’s standards, but to a young, impressionable child of 1973–take it from me–Yul Brynner was absolutely terrifying. Join us for some rip-roaring nostalgic fun as we dive into our second Michael Crichton offering of the year, discussing the recurring motif in his work as well as its seminal influence today. Listen, as Johnny Has the Keys travels to yet another amusement park, one where things also run amuck on a smaller but no less dangerous scale. 



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