Ep. 06-08: The Tingler (1959)

Dr. Warren Chapin (Vincent Price) has made a surprising discovery–the spine-chilling sensation that people get when scared is due to a parasite that he dubs the tingler. Chapin concludes that in extreme circumstances, prolonged fear can cause the creature to damage a person’s spine and even cause death if the victim can’t scream, a theory that Oliver Higgins (Philip Coolidge) uses to deadly effect on his wife (Judith Evelyn). Soon the tingler that killed the woman is on the loose.

Welcome to our first venture into the weird and wacky world of William Castle, the producer/director version of P.T. Barnum. Join us as we discuss the delightful gimmicks he used to promote such classics as The House on Haunted Hill (1959), 13 Ghosts (1960), and, of course, The Tingler (1959). Listen, as Johnny Has the Keys takes on a killer parasite that attaches to your spine and kills… however, the louder you scream, the better chance you have at surviving!



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