Ep. 06-03: The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

Scott Carey’s boat drifts through a strange mist that leaves a metallic residue covering his body. Within a few weeks, he begins to notice that he is losing weight. A visit to the doctor confirms that he is also getting shorter. As he gets smaller and smaller, he determines that his exposure to insecticides and what must have been a radioactive mist has caused a genetic mutation. Soon, he is so small that encounters with the household cat and a spider become potentially life-threatening. What will he do?

Jack Arnold and Richard Matheson met in bar… It sounds like a joke, but when you take a classic genre director like Arnold and pair him with a leading genre writer like Matheson, magic happens. The Incredible Shrinking Man (1975) is one of those all-time classic films that never loses its punch. Join us as we discuss the myriad reasons why this was such a successful collaboration, including the screenplay, special, effects, and cast. Listen, as Johnny Has the Keys goes where man is no longer top of the food chain, and where a vast and terrifying new world awaits us if we’re brave enough to face it.



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