Ep. 05-21: The Cell (2000)

Catharine Deane (Jennifer Lopez) is a psychotherapist who is part of a revolutionary new treatment that allows her to literally enter the mind of her patients. Her experience with this method takes an unexpected turn when Peter Novak (Vince Vaughn), an F.B.I. agent, seeks her help. Notorious serial killer, Carl Stargher (Vincent D’Onofrio), whose method of operation is to abduct and imprison women for 40 hours until they are slowly drowned, was caught, but is now in an irreversible coma. Novak needs Deane to explore the twisted mind of Stargher to find the current victim (still alive). However, Stargher’s damaged personality poses unprecedented dangers that threaten to foil their plans.

Tarsem Singh’s The Cell (2000) is a spectacular genre-hybrid film, featuring intoxicating elements of both sci-fi and crime/procedural dramas, serial killers to be specific. Join us as we discuss this overlooked gem, including its fantastic script, amazing visuals, and a solid cast. Listen as Johnny Has the Keys ventures into the mind of a sick and depraved serial killer, seeking that one hidden clue that will not only save the missing victim but perhaps the heroine of the story as well.



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