Ep. 03-37: Galaxy Quest (1999)

The actors of an old sci-fi TV show—now barely scraping a living through re-runs and sci-fi conventions—suddenly find themselves mistaken by an alien race for their TV counterparts, believing that the cast’s heroics are historical documentation of real-life adventures. The aliens turn to the celebrities for help in their quest to overcome an oppressive regime in their solar system.

Episode 37 Galaxy Quest

Welcome to the fifth of six genre hybrids (comedy) we’re covering this year. Galaxy Quest (1999) is what many fans refer to as an unofficial Star Trek film… and rightly so. Aside from the laughs, this film touches on many of the elements that made Trek successful including production details, the actors themselves, and behind-the-scenes gossip. Join us as we discuss these many attributes and the obvious love and respect that went into this homage to the granddaddy of all space operas. Listen, as Johnny Has the Keys blasts into space with a novice crew, going where no man has gone before in order to discover that which makes us human.


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