Ep. 03-33: Starship Troopers (1997)

Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien) joins the military after high-school graduation to become a citizen and for the love of his high school sweetheart, Carmen (Denise Richards). In the war against the giant bug aliens of Klendathu, the military is a very dangerous occupation. Rico works his way through several battles and, with the help of his friends and comrades, helps turn the tide of the war, and save humanity.


We’re back for the 3rd and final of our BIG monster flicks (in-a-row). Controversy killed this one at the box office because no one seemed to be in on the joke. THIS FILM IS A SATIRE, folks, not a vehicle glorifying war. Join us as we talk about its talented director, Paul Verhoeven, its beautiful, somewhat talented cast, and the killer special effects and monster battles. Listen, as Johnny Has the Keys grabs the popcorn and joins the military to shower with mucho pretty naked people and defend humanity against ferocious armies of arachnids.



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