Ep. 03-18: Re-Animator (1985)

Herbert West has a Frankenstein fixation in that he is obsessed with overcoming the obstacle of death. He has developed a serum and convinces his skeptic roommate, Dan Cain, into joining his audacious project by reanimating his dead cat. Inevitably, as the two young scientists burrow deeper into uncharted territories, their campus soon starts brimming with West’s reanimated corpses. Arch-nemesis, Dr. Hill, yearns to take credit for this astounding discovery.

Episode 18 The Reanimator

Re-Animator (1985) is Stuart Gordon’s love-letter to the writings of controversial horror author H. P. Lovecraft and the second of several sci-fi/horror genre-comedy crossovers we have slated for this season. Join us as we talk about what does and doesn’t make this film work, and the hilarious memories we have regarding it. Listen… as Johnny Has the Keys enrolls for classes at Miskatonic University, where the students are conducting unusual experiments and the faculty may not quite alive… or dead.

***Note: We’ve been having some Zoom connection problems and, occasionally, briefly, you may hear a glitch or our audio (Tim’s usually) does not sync with the video. Never fear, we catch most of the audio and (with video) the error seems to correct itself shortly. We are working on solutions to this problem.***


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