Ep. 03-15: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

World War II planes reported missing suddenly appear in the Mojave desert. A commercial flight encounters a UFO. While working one night, lineman, Roy Neary, has an otherworldly experience… Officials determine where the visitors plan to land and create an elaborate cover-up to keep people away. However, a group of people (including Neary) go anyway… for a gathering with new, and old, friends.

Episode 315 “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”

Welcome to part one of our Very Spielberg Christmas! In this 1977, feel-good classic, we experience thrills and chills as the people of earth encounter a benevolent alien race. Join us as we discuss Spielberg’s initial foray into science fiction films, and—similar to E.T. (1982)—a fantastical take of not-so-menacing extraterrestrials. Listen, as Johnny Has the Keys climbs Devil’s Tower for an invitation-only event with visitors from another world and, who knows, perhaps the opportunity to join them for future adventures.


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