Ep. 03-10: The Brood (1978)

A disturbed woman is being treated with a radical form of psychotherapy at a remote institute. Meanwhile, her five-year-old daughter, under the care of her estranged husband, is being terrorized by a group of strange beings. How these storylines intersect is the disturbing and grotesque secret of this bloody tale of monstrous parenthood from David Cronenberg. With its combination of psychological and body horror, The Brood laid the groundwork for many of the director’s films to come, but it stands on its own as a personal, singularly terrifying vision.

Episode 03-10 THE BROOD

Welcome to the first of 2 films we are covering this season from body-horror maestro, David Cronenberg. The Brood (1979) is an early entry in the auteur’s canon, but a clear calling card to deliciously disturbing things to come. Join us as we discuss the pros and cons of this landmark film. Listen, as Johnny Has the Keys takes you to the wintery streets of Canada, where innocent little children aren’t always what they appear to be.


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