Ep. 03-07: This Island Earth (1955)

Season Three, Episode 7 “This Island Earth”

Scientist, Cal Meacham (Rex Reason), solves a complicated puzzle that allows him access to a highly secretive program led by the mysterious Exeter (Jeff Morrow). Exeter has assembled the world’s greatest scientific minds to learn how to generate and store nuclear power. But with the help of fellow scientists Ruth Adams (Faith Domergue) and Steve Carlson (Russell Johnson), Meacham soon discovers that his host is not what he claims to be.

B-movies can be classic too, and that’s exactly why This Island Earth (1955) has spirited its way into our third season lineup. Join us as we discuss this mid-50s matinee gem and its lofty attempts at screenwriting, special effects, and general logic. Listen, as Johnny Has the Keys blasts off to the mysterious Metaluna where we encounter diabolical alien masterminds and their mutant slaves!


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