Ep. 03-06: Cat People (1942 & 1982)

Season Three, Episode 6 “cat People”

Cat People (1942) and Cat People (1982) are two movies distinctly represented by their respective decades. Cat People (1942) is a moody, stylish psychological thriller helmed by Jacques Tourneur and produced by Val Lewton. The creepiness sets in with you via atmosphere and lighting. Cat People (1982) takes the same premise but shoves it in your face with bright color, visuals, sex, and gore. Both movies are enjoyable, but one is outstanding. You must tune in to see which and why.

Welcome to our first DOUBLE FEATURE of the season! Join us as we revisit this classic and its more modern version. Join us as we discuss the power of the original and its wunderkind director, in a juxtaposition of its remake from screenwriter turned director Paul Schrader. Listen, as Johnny has the Keys takes you down a shadowy alley where the sound of footsteps behind you might be the last thing you ever hear.


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