Ep. 02-06: Independence Day (1996)

Episode 02-05 “Independence Day”

Gigantic spaceships invade Earth and hover over major cities. Soon, our sense of wonder turns to terror as these extraterrestrials use powerful weapons to obliterate Earth. The President of the United States and his team must determine their weakness and combat these intruders before our planet is reduced to a cinder. Is mankind’s will to survive and the power of the human spirit enough to persevere and triumph these overwhelming odds?

Independence Day was a phenomenal success, touting the power of the human (re: American) spirit to overcome insurmountable odds. It was the beginning of writing/directing team Dean Devlin and Rolan Emmerich’s quest to destroy Earth in as many special effects extravaganzas as humanly possible. Join us as we discuss why this film was such a sentimental success. Listen as Johnny Has the Keys travels back pre-9/11 when Earth is terrorized by an intergalactic menace and a group of rag-tag Americans are our only hope.


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