Be Gentle – It’s My First Time

I must say, the thought of doing a podcast was something I had thought about, but never with any real conviction.  I thought “that might be cool”, but then would remind myself I also think it would be cool to be an astronaut.  Having a podcast to me was like all of those “Youtubers” – there’s a video out there for everything from changing the brakes on your car to creating a tiny kitchen out of Play-doh.  And, even though I may watch a variety of videos, I never thought of doing one myself.  In fact, I am constantly mystified that people actually have the time and resources to create this plethora of video information.  I mean it’s one thing to know how to do something.  It’s another entirely to get he camera, shoot it, edit it, add titles and music and post it – let alone creating the Youtube page, doing any kind of marketing or tagging or whatever you have to do to get it out there.  That’s a commitment.  I always thought – “I don’t think I have that commitment for something that is about me.”   But I was drawn to the idea.  I’ve always been a person with lots of opinions about entertainment – especially movies, television and books.  Friends used to talk about my “soap-boxing” – standing at parties or gatherings and just “going off” on something I was passionate about – sometimes for hours.  So having opinions and talking has never been an issue.  Did I ever have something worthwhile to say?  Something that might even remotely be interesting to anyone else?  Usually not.  I mean, I had my opinion and I think I could debate that opinion fairly strongly.  But was it important?  Did it make a difference?  Nah.

But a couple of years ago I started listening to a few podcasts.  Usually ones that were reviewing movies or tc shows I was interested in.  I wanted to see what others thought – if they agreed with me – or if they didn’t – why?  Some of them were good – very professional and slick.  Others were more like a couple of friends (or sadly only one lonely guy) sitting in a basement trying to feel important.  Still others were so over-produced and spent so much time either stroking themselves or reading ad and sponsor copies the the entire thing was a waste of time.

Still I listened in and followed a few.  The idea crept back in that – maybe i should try my hand at it.  If so many other were sharing opinions, and I had a lot of opinions – maybe I should add my voice.  This idea was usually drowned out by more pressing matters – family, work, the latest sci-fi series I could fine, etc.  And then I heard from an old friend: “Hey, do you listen to podcasts?”

“Sometimes.  Why?”

“You know, we should do that shit.  I think we’d be great.”

And thus began the initial foray into making this podcast…….

Tune in next time as the idea starts to take shape.


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